Mission: Pre-Born Challenge!

Around this time of year, we remember the story of a young teenager whose life changed dramatically when she received the unexpected news of her pregnancy. We can only imagine how she must have felt as she faced the difficult decisions ahead of her. We can sense the tension as she explained this unexpected news to her fiancé, whose initial thought is to leave her quietly.

We have heard stories like this countless times, haven’t we?

Her name was Mary, and we often forget how similar her story is with that of many other women in our lives.

Mary’s baby would become known to us as Jesus Christ. Through his life, death, and resurrection, we are all able to enjoy a personal and eternal relationship with God. Every sin was washed away by Jesus, the poor, vulnerable newborn who was born in a stable.

This story reminds us that every pregnancy has a perfectly designed purpose.

Every life is a gift.

We need your help! When a young mother sees her baby on an ultrasound, she is 80% more likely to choose life, which is why the ministry of Preborn supplies free ultrasounds and the lifesaving message of Jesus Christ. This Christmas, The Family Radio is joining Preborn to celebrate the gift of life by helping to save 250 babies’ lives.

For only $28 dollars, your donation will provide two ultrasounds! Thanks to a matching grant, your contribution will have double the impact.

Two lives will be impacted by your support!

Click this link to donate today!

Preborn currently has seven centers that do not have ultrasound machines. These lifesaving machines cost $15,000.00, more than most centers can afford. This month, through a matching grant, your donation of $7,500 will place a machine in a women’s center in your area!

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